May 31, 2024 & June 1, 2024

John Wick Launch Party and 
Group Match Play Tournament
June 23rd, 2024
Pinsomniacs Pinball will be hosting a Stern Army Launch Party for John Wick! it is an IFPA Pinball Tournament at Tepeyolot Cerveceria in Jacksonville, FL. Come out and play pinball with the Pinsomniacs crew. We will be playing in a Match Play format with Pinburgh scoring (during qualifying). This is an IFPA Sanctioned tournament.
Pinburgh scoring is as follows:
Over a number of rounds, players are paired against each other in four-player games. If the number of players is not divisible by four, a number of three-player games will be created. Players earn points based on their finishing position per round(see below). At the end of qualifying, the 4 players with the most points move to finals.
Points earned in a 4 player game (from 1st to 4th): 3/2/1/0
Points earned in a 3 player game (from 1st to 3rd): 3/1.5/0
We are aiming for 8-10 Rounds of Qualifying. (Number of Qualifying Rounds are subject to change.) If time permits, we will play up to 13 rounds to increase IFPA scoring. We will be doing automatic tie-breakers based on the number of 1st or 2nd place rounds the tied players have. Tie-breakers will be used as needed.
Finals will consist of 3 additional rounds played by the top 4 players, 1 game per round. Scoring in the finals will go to an IFPA format of 7/5/3/1 to help reduce the chance of a tie.
All games are set on Free Play.
There will be a $30 buy in for the tournament. The tournament winnings will include cash and prizes. The more players, the bigger the prize pot!
Practice stats at 10:00am and the tournament starts at noon.

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