8 killer mods are in this Rush Premium picture. Can you spot them all?

Let Pinsomniacs Pinball be your solution for working on your personal pinball machine.
Repairs are an expense with any pinball machine. New Stern and Chicago Gaming Co. machines have an excellent reputation of being very reliable. Though all machines will eventually need repairs, this can be mitigated with thorough, routine cleaning and maintenance. Let us perform the maintenance on your machines, keeping the repair costs down. 
Pinsomniacs Pinball has experience working on Williams, Bally, Sega, Stern and Chicago Gaming Company machines. No job is too small. 
Available services include: flipper repairs, plastic replacements, rubber replacements, circuit replacements, switch repairs, game set-up, leveling, tear downs, general troubleshooting, cleaning and routine servicing.
Love those tricked-out and modded machines, but you're too busy or nervous to do it? Modding pinball machines is our passion! We'd love to install the mods for you!
We install artblades, plastic protectors, shooter rods, lit flipper buttons, custom powder coated armor, aftermarket modifications, lighting changes, audio upgrades, toppers and more.
Let's put in that set of PinStadiums you've always wanted or upgrade your music pin's speakers.
Contact us for more information.

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