Thinking about a pinball machine at your next event? It's a great addition! Want something different for your party? Pinball is a great "ice-breaker" when bringing a new group of people together or old friends. It creates conversation, comradery and competition. We can provide machines for your next big or small event.
Corporate Events, Birthdays, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Wedding Receptions and more.  Change the way you think about a party. Pinball is a great community event with up to 4 players on any game.

How it works:
You just pick a machine. Pinsomniacs will bring it to the location and get everything set up. A staff member can stay there to make sure everything goes smoothly for you, and provide support (optional). When your event is over, Pinsomniacs will take apart the machine, load up and leave. Super easy!
The transportation, setup, take down and use of the machines is included in the price.  If you can’t pick just one machine, get several. Multiple machine discounts are available.
Pinsomniacs Pinball is based in Jacksonville, FL and will provide this service within 100 mile radius of Jacksonville.
Contact us at any time for more details or a quote.

Birthdays and pinball, a winning combination!

Available Games for Events
Attack From Mars, Godzilla, Star Wars, The Mandalorian, James Bond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, RUSH, Judge Dredd, Elvira's House of Horrors, Twilight Zone, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Jurassic Park (Stern), Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Eight Ball Deluxe, Stranger Things

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